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tank fin folding machine

Expiry Date: Sep 12, 2017
Quantity: 1

Packaging: sea worthy packing

ValidDates: 2019-10-20

Purchase Type: BW1300

Detailed Description:
Main Technical Parameters of Our Machines
1) Corrugated Fin Width: 300mm-1600mm
2) Thickness of Steel Sheet: 0.5mm-1.75mm
3) Corrugation Height: 50mm-400mm
4) Edge Bend Height: 20mm
5) Forming Speed: 3-4fins/min
6) Corrugation Pitch: >=45mm
7) Corrugation Pitch Accuracy: ±0.25mm
8) Fin Embossment: one or two (Optional)
9) Corrugation Inner Gap: 6mm

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