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Diesel Air parking heater

Brief Description: Technical parameters: Thermal Power: 800~5500W Fuel: Diesel Rated Voltage: 24V Fuel Consumption: 0.19~0.6 Operating Temperature: -40?~+40?
Expiry Date: Aug 11, 2017

Detailed Description:
LF BROS AIR HEATER could be used universally, such as truck, car, camp and so on.

Working principle of the product:
This diesel fuel heater uses diesel as fuel. After heating the exchange, cold air is sucked into the air passage by the heat supplying fan and blown out when it becomes hot ,so as to form another heating system that independent from the original heating system of the vehicles. In such a way, heat can be supplied by the heater to drivers' cab and passengers' compartment.

The benefits of using the Air Parking heater.
Fuel - efficient, environmentally friendly
No carbon deposition.
Long service life, up to 30,000 hours;
Use at any time without starting the engine.
Preheat the engine to start easily and reduce fuel consumption and engine wear.
To remove frost from the window make driving transport vehicles easy and safe.
Maintenance-free, easy maintenance.
Able to be dismantled to a new vehicle.

Product Name: Air heater
Item No: E-serie
Rated Voltage: 12V/24V
Rated Power: 4500W/4000W/3000W/2000W
Type of Moter: Brushed
Life Time of Motor: 2000h
Weight: 5.75 KGS
Dimension: 372*141*150(175)mm
Net weight: 4.4 kgs
Gross weight: 8.5 kgs
Packing size: 460*460*230mm

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