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Rogers Rt/Duroid 5880

Brief Description: Multilayer Rogers Rt / Duroid 5880 1 oz copper PCB In Digital Radio Antennas Quick Detail : Type Pcb Material Rogers Layer Multilayer Size 3*9cm Permittivity 2.5 Color Yellow Surface Finish Immersion Gold
Expiry Date: Sep 12, 2017

Detailed Description:
1. Rogers pcb multilayer pcb with high frequency can improvide the products quality ,with high techolonogy treatment improve the life cycle of the products .
2. Immersion gold surface finish make the pcb 's conductive performance enhancements.
3. Multilayer pcb design ,the precision of the pcb improves much more better .
4. Low dielectric : 2.5 dielectric conductivity much more precision

Description :
RT/duroid® 5880 high frequency laminates are PTFE composites reinforced with glass microfibers.The randomly oriented microfibers result in exceptional dielectric constant uniformity.
The dielectric constant of these high frequency laminates is the lowest of all products, and low dielectric loss make them well suited for high frequency/ broad band applications where dispersion and losses need to be minimized. Because of its extremely low water absorption characteristics, RT/duroid 5880 laminates are ideal for applications in high moisture environments.
RT/duroid 5880 laminates are easily cut, sheared and machined to shape, and resistant to all solvents and reagents normally used in etching printed circuits or plating edges and holes. RT/duroid 5870 and 5880 laminates have the lowest electrical loss of any reinforced PTFE material, low moisture absorption, are isotropic, and have uniform electrical properties over frequency.
High Thermal Performance
Tg of 200 (DSC), 230°C (DMA)
Low CTE for reliability
Lead-free Compatible & Rhos Complaint
UV Blocking and AOI Fluorescence
Copper Foil Cladding: Grade 3 (HTE),1/2,1 and 2 oz. Foil Options: Reverse treat

PrePreg Material
It announced TerraGreen, a halogen-free, ultra-low loss, RF/microwave/high-speed material. TerraGreen is engineered for such high-performance applications as power amplifier boards for 4G LTE base stations.
Key Benefits:
High frequency performance (RO3203™ laminate) can be used in applications exceeding 20 GHz
Suitable for use with epoxy multi-layer board hybrid designs
Surface smoothness allows for finer line etching tolerances
Typical Applications:
commercial airline broadband antennas
microstrip and stripline circuits
millimeter wave applications
military radar systems
missile guidance systems
point-to-point digital radio antennas

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