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Home Use Mini Turgo Hydro

Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Model Number: Turgo Turbine
Brand Name: Xin Yi Hydro
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000

Price Terms: Negotiable
Packing: Wooden case export standard package
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Delivery Time: 50 days to 4 months
Home Use Mini Turgo Hydro Product Description:

Home Use Mini Turgo Hydro Turbine Power Generator High Efficiency 12KW - 10MW Detailed product description Turbine type: Turgo Water Turbine Runner Material: Stainless Steel Water head: 35M to 200M Capacity : 12KW to 10MW Applications: Water head : 35m to 200M , water flow: 0.405M3/s to 0.66M3/S Output power: from200KW to 800KW for each turbine Frequency : 50HZ or 60HZ, Voltage: 400V or 480V or 6300V Speed (R/MIN)from: 500R,600R,750R,1000R/MIN Runner material: stainless steel, runner size from 0.55 to 1.5 in diameter Xin Yi Hydro turbine is a high quality hydro turbine manufacturer in China. Description: Turgo Water Turbine is used for hydro power plants from the head 35meter to 200meter, this type of water flow from 0.1m3/S to 0.8m3/S. Turgo water turbine is one of the options among the Xin Yi hydro turbine range.With inclined jet turbine, the water flow output from nozzle flows along a certain angle of plane of rotation of the running wheel instead of flowing along the tangent of the turning wheel, and the water flow goes inside the blades from one side and goes out form blades from another side. The inclined jet turbine adopts single curved surface blades, the water flow goes through the blades will splash, therefore the efficiency is low. The inclined jet turbine is applicable for the small-sized and medium-sized power station with the hydraulic head range of 35meter-200meter. Specification: Type Horizontal Turgo turbine with one nozzle or two nozzle Water Head 35m to 200m Design Water flow 0.405m3/S to 0.66M3/S Installed Capacity From 200KW to 800KW for one single turbine Generator Type Synchronous Alternator Voltage 380or 480V Other Equipments Governor, valve, control panel with Excitation Some Parameters as bellow: Model: XJA-W-50/1X12.5 Turgo Water turbine data Generator Data Water Head Flow M3/S Speed R/MIN (KW) Out Power Model KW Power Speed R/MIN 60 0.405 1000 200 SFW200-10/650 200 600 70 0.437 1000 249 SFW250-10/740 250 600 80 0.467 1000 307 SFW320-8/850 320 750 90 0.496 1000 368 SFW400-8/850 400 750 100 0.523 1000 429 SFW400-8/850 400 750 110 0.548 1000 490 SFW500-8/990 500 750 120 0.572 1000 549 SFW500-6/850 500 1000 130 0.596 1000 630 SFW630-6/990 630 1000 140 0.618 1000 709 SFW630-6/990 630 1000 150 0.64 1000 791 SFW800-6/990 800 1000 160 0.66 1000 872 SFW800-6/990 800 1000 Competitive Advantage from Xin Yi Hydro Turbine Xin Yi Hydro turbine is a Comprehensive and professional solution in small hydro power generation with a tradition over 50 years in China. Our factory was founded in 1958, we produced water turbine from 20KW to 10MW for one single turbine, At present Xin Yi Hydro offers complete range of turbines : Kaplan, Pelton, Francis, Turgo and Tubular turbine covering all possible sites from low heads starting somewhere around 1,5 - 2 m upto high heads reaching some 600 m. The flow variation is very wide too, 10 L/s up to 100.000 L/s. We are specialist for Small Hydro Power Plants so our maximum output limit is 10.000 KW. First-class quality product is appraised by our users. we actively advocate: market-oriented, technology-leading, innovation as a means to actively explore the domestic and oversea market. Our service is Inquiry response : Your inquiries will replied in 24 hours Delivery time: 45 days to 60days for the small turbine from 20KW to 500kw. We warmly welcome you visit us and send email to us to inquire our small hydro turbine.

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