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Muscle Gaining Boldenone

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: 13103-34-9
Brand Name: Yuansen
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000

Price Terms: negotiable
Packing: foil bag
Payment Terms: Western uni
Delivery Time: prompt after order
Muscle Gaining Boldenone Product Description:

Alias:Equipoise/Ganabol/ Equigan/UltraganCAS No.:13103-34-9Einecs No.:236-024-5Appearance:Yellow LiquidProduct Name:Boldenone UndecylenateFeature:HealthyType:InjectableUsage:Medical Muscle Gaining Boldenone Undecanoate Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate) Quick Detail: 1. CAS No.: 13103-34-92. Molecular Formula: C30H44O33. Assay: 97.0~103.0%4. Appearance: Colorless of light yellow sticky liquid5. Packing: 1kg net/ plastic bottle or tin.6. Usage: Boldenone Undecylenate(Equipoise) is a steroid compound that can give users slow but steady gains during a cycle.It is also relatively safe with very few reports of the side effects caused by testosterone conversion into estrogen. Description: Boldenone UndecylenateAlias: Equipoise ; Ganabol ; Equigan;Ultragan;Boldenone undecanoateCAS No: 13103-34-9Einecs No: 236-024-5MF: C30H44O3MW: 452.67Purity: 98%Appearance: light yellow viscous liquid. Applications: Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate) is historically a veterinary steroid but for some time has been available as an UGL human preparation as well.Presently, for the most part there is little specific reason to use Equipoise in an anabolic steroid cycle. There is nothing that it does anabolically that Masteron, Primobolan, Deca, or trenbolone will not do. In terms of side effects, likewise it has no advantage over Masteron or Primobolan, unless one desires the occasional side effect of increased appetite, or the side effect of its moderate conversion to estrogen.Specifications:TEST ITEMSSPECIFICATIONRESULTSDescription: Slight yellow oily liquid.yellow oily liquidSolubility: Almost insoluble in water,soluble in vegetable oil.ConformsIdentification: IR,TLCPositiveAssay: 97.0%min98.19%Specific Rotation: +28°~+35°+33.4°Volatile Impurities: 0.5%max0.22%Water Content: 0.5%max0.28%Residue On Ignition: 0.1%max0.06%Related Substance: 3.0%max

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