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waste oil recycling plant

Place of Origin: Chongqing,China
Model Number: WMR-B-10
Brand Name: Wanmei
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000

Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C
Delivery Time: 60DAYS
Minimum Orders: 1SET
Supply Ability: 600SETS/YEAR
Waste oil recycling plant Product Description:

Waste Oil Recycling Plant With Vacuum Distillation Process - WMR-B Series
Waste Oil Recycling Plant with Vacuum Distillation Process - WMR-B series is able to change all kinds of waste and waste lubricant oils into high-quality base oil as well as a small amount of gasoline and diesel under the function of vacuum distillation. After pre-treatment, the waste oil will be pumped into the distillation chamber. Then the oil is heated to the working temperature to get the base oil and the small amount of gasoline and diesel. After the waste oil finishing the complete reaction in the chamber, stop heating and remove the oil residues, Waste Oil Recycling Plant with Vacuum Distillation Process - WMR-B series can be put in operation once more. The operation cost is very low and it only needs USD30 per ton to produce the high-quality base oil. Up to now, it’s the most advanced technique in world wide. Waste Oil Recycling Plant with Vacuum Distillation Process - WMR-B series specially suits the small-scale production and is also very environment friendly.
The Main Construction Of Equipment
1. Pre-treatment System: the waste oil will be pumped into distillation chamber after pre-treatment.
2. Distillation System: The waste oil will be heated till working temperature through the burning of fuel or gas. At the same time it has the stirring system and temperature protection system.
3. Condensation System: The gaseous hydrocarbon will be condensed into liquid base oil and gasoline.
4. Oil storage System: The base oil and gasoline from the condensation system will be stored here at first, and then it comes into oil storage tank.
5. Vacuum System: Satisfy the requirement of crafts.
6. Filtration System: It can rapidly eliminate the mechanical impurities from the base oil and gasoline and get the high –quality base oil and gasoline.
The Output of the Oil Recycling
Base oil: 85-87% (the index is equal to SN150-SN200)
Gasoline: 5%
Oil residue: 6-9%
The Characteristics and Advantages
1. Waste Oil Recycling Plant with Vacuum Distillation Process - WMR-B series has a low cost of waste oil treatment. It only needs about USD25-30 per ton. The catalytic agent adopted is a kind of cheap and basic chemical material. It can be bought in world wide.
2. Simple operation: It only needs 1-2 workers to operate the equipment.
3. Environment friendly: This equipment is with whole closed structure. It won’t release any gas which is harmful to human health or environment. The gelatin and asphalt-carbon oil will become oil sludge and can be waste as asphalt or fuel.
4. High recycling efficiency: the recycling rates can be as Base oil 83-85%, gasoline 6-8%, oil residue 6-8%.
5. Waste Oil Recycling Plant with Vacuum Distillation Process - WMR-B series is the most advanced technique in world wide. It specially suits the small-scale production.

Guarantee Performance Index

Medium Base Oil Heavy Base Oil
Viscosity(40℃) Mm2/S 16-32 28-72
Viscosity Index ≥99 110
Appearance Transparent Transparent
Color Index ASTMD1500 ≤1 ≤2
Kinematic Point ℃ -15 -10
Water Content %w/m ≤0.05 ≤0.05
Flash Point ℃ ≥180 ≥210
Dust Content %w/w 0.005 0.005
Coke Residue %w/w ≤0.13 ≤0.13
Copper Corrosion Qualified Qualified
Acid Value mgkoH/g ≤0.15 ≤0.15

Models and Capacities

Model WMR-B-5 WMR-B-10 WMR-B-20 WMR-B-30 WMR-B-50 WMR-B-60
Capacity 5 tons/day 10 tons/day 20 tons/day 30 tons/day 50 tons/day 60 tons/day
Note 1. We can expand the recycling capacity to maximum 100 tons per day
2. Generally, we do not suggest our customers to regenerate waste tire oil for the low regeneration rate of that
3. the waste oil after the recycling process by acid washing process is forbidden to be regenerated again by WMR system because it will damage the system for corrosion

We warmly welcome customers to visit our factory. We have sample machine to demonstrate the performance of the waste oil recycling systems. Customers can also take their own waste oil sample to get recycled with our sample machine to witness and confirm the performance of our products.

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