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Industrial Supplies Products - Vacuum Turbine Oil Filtering P

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Industrial Supplies Products : Vacuum Turbine Oil Filtering P

Place of Origin: Chongqing

Model Number:


Brand Name:


Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000

Price Terms: FOB

Packing: standard

Payment Terms: L/C

Delivery Time: 35

Minimum Orders: 1

Supply Ability: 20

Detailed Product Description:

contact person:ren pan
email:[email protected]
msn:[email protected]

When various machine aggregates of steam turbine. hydraulic turbine are in operation, and their turbine oil which used to cool. lubricate and regulate the speed is easily to be contaminated and form more moisture. impurities. emulsifying etc, which badly damage the security and the lifetime of equipment. And traditional treating way can not solve problems efficiently but cause waste and environmental pollution. After being studied for years, we developed the technique of subsidence of the oblique plate, rotary separation flowing in vacuum and depth filtration in grade. The 5th generation special vacuum oil purifier in Yuneng can fast damage emulsifying, remove water. air and impurities thoroughly, and also make the turbine oil clear, improve maintenance level of machine aggregates.

Features of Product
1. As the new patent technology Vacuum-segregating is adopt the separated equipment of inflator (Patent No. ZL200420060968. 5) employs particular spinning disk and stainless steel machine with dehydration and air pump and enlarges the area of segregating and coming to three-dimensional evaporation so that obtain the enough time to boil away. In this way purifier could achieve the best effect.

2. Using new type of heating equipment (Patent No. ZL02276238. 8), it can reduce heating burthen and extend oil life.

3. The water cycled vacuum-pump from abroad lubricates by coolant (or water) and that it never afraid that air enter in the vacuum-pump. It will solve your problem that the spinning vacuum-pump which using fluid as medium need always exchange oil.

4. Oil level control adopt photoelectric way which the main components is imported from Switzerland and have features of sensitive control, exactitude so much as feel the spume of oil. Spurting oil phenomena is never appeared. (Spurting prevention Patent No. ZL200420060973. 6)

5. With advantages of no leakage. low noise and long using life, this series of products adopt special input-oil pump which be airproofed by our factory.

6. In order to meet customer\\\\\\\'s needs of choosing right filter, we have scientific design and exact filter assemblies which could exchange by ones abroad. Both cost and oil disposal effect are good.

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