Trade lead Education Appliances RSS Education Appliances Products RSS Custom Made Multicolor Felt Fl 2016-02-17 Custom Printed X Banner Backpa 2016-02-17 210D Nylon Custom Flags 2016-02-17 Studying English / Spanis 2015-12-10 Granite Tombstone 2015-04-11 8877 Auto Chair With Rock 2015-03-19 Antioxidant 1010 2015-02-03 Optical mark reader OMR 2014-11-22 OMR Scanner 2014-11-22 Portable Mini OMR Scanner 2014-11-22 Language lab equipment 2014-10-16 Moving Spot * LED display for menu setting* 14ch DMX channel* Master/slave,Auto/sound,stand-alone mode* Beam angel 13 degree* LED plus color filter for various co... ]]> 2013-10-08 Building Automation Trainer Building Automation Trainer Teaching EquipmentI. Overview Teaching EquipmentPlumbing electrical training device, can realize the building property bas... ]]> 2013-09-04 Electronics Trainer Teaching E Electronics Trainer Teaching EquipmentI. Overview Teaching EquipmentThis equipment is to be used in technical schools, vocational schools and colleges... ]]> 2013-09-04 Electric Install Trainer Electric Install TrainerI. Overview This trainer is double sides, two work stations for two students, every work station has independent power, stainl... ]]> 2013-09-04 PLC Teaching Aids PLC Teaching AidsI. PLC Teaching Aids OverviewPLC trainer is suitable for electrical laboratory. Students learn PL:C program knowledge in this trainer... ]]> 2013-09-04 PCB Processing Machine PCB Processing Machine Teaching EquipmentZP6103 Precision Guillotine Shear MachineI. Overview1. The use of products: according to the specifications a... ]]> 2013-09-04 Adhensive labeling tapes Goods Brief:♣ adhensive labeling tapes for brother p-touch machines.* Model: TZ-121 laminated labeling tapes.* black text on clear labeling... ]]> 2013-06-08 interactive whiteboard Product Features : ◊ Appearance: artistic design, high definition, high brightness,high resolution. ◊ Performance extensions: e... ]]> 2013-05-20 Graphite Pencil H Standard H 2.0 Graphite Pencil Lead1,stype: lead;2,material:graphite;3,hardness:H;4,diameter:2.0mm;5,color:black;6,shape:Round;7,certifications:EN71-3... ]]> 2013-03-05