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uv led flatbed printer

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: YC2030
Brand Name: Ntek
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000

Price Terms: FOB
Packing: wooden carton
Payment Terms: TT
Delivery Time: 3-30 days
Minimum Orders: 1 set
Supply Ability: 50set/month
Uv led flatbed printer Product Description:

LED UV lamp without preheat boot on the run, save time and energy;
LED UV lamp for ink curing, environmental and no-odor release, instant curing, and not easily fade;
EPSON DX5 printhead, Hyperfine printing and high efficiency with 1440dpi;
Exclusive function that the Z-axis height can easily lift up and down, adjust the height between the printhead and the media automatically;
Exclusive function that the gantry can move with the ink box to avoid to turn down the Z-axis to suck ink to go on working for easy operation and save time.

More Applications Printed materials could be: glass, ceramic, ceiling, aluminum sheet, wood board, door sheet, metal panel, billboard, acrylic panel, Plexiglass, paper board, foam board, PVC expansion board, corrugated cardboard; flexible materials such as PVC, canvas, cloth,carpet, sticky note, reflective film, leather etc. all kinds sheet materials and coiled materials. Application areas
Decoration industry, glass industry;
Sign industry;
Exhibition industry;
Rigid paperboard packing industry;
Leather, art-ware industry, etc.
Product Model YC2030
Printhead Technology Drop-on demand piezo electric
Printhead control Printhead voltage is software adjustable
Printhead Type EPSON DX5 Printhead
Printhead Number 1/2
Ink Characteristics UV Curing Ink
Ink reservoirs Refillable on the fly while printing/1000ml per color
LED UV Lamp more than 20000-hours life
Color Control ICC based color,curves and density adjustment
Printhead arrangement CMYK/C M Y K Lk LLk Lc Lm
CMYK*2/C M Y K Lk LLk Lc Lm*2
Printhead Cleaning System Automatic Cleaning System, Automatic Dry-preventing System
Guide Rail Taiwan HIWIN(THK optional)
Working Table Vacuum Sucking
Printing Size YC2030:2.00x3.00m?
Print Interface USB2.0
Media Thickness within 100mm, higher can be customized
Printing Resolution&Speed 360x720DPI(4pass) 25Sq.m/h(2 EPSON DX5 Printhead)
360x1080DPI(6pass) 20Sq.m/h(2 EPSON DX5 Printhead)
720x720DPI(8pass) 15Sq.m/h(2 EPSON DX5 Printhead)
720x1080DPI(6pass or 12pass) 12Sq.m/h(2 EPSON DX5 Printhead)
720x1440DPI(8pass or 16pass) 6Sq.m/h(2 EPSON DX5 Printhead)
Life of printed image 5 years(outdoor),10year(indoor)
File Format TIFF,JPEG,Postscript,EPS,PDF etc.
RIP Software UltraPrint
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz(10%)
Power 2000W
Operation Environment Temperature 20 to 30℃,Humidity 40% to 60%
Equipment Dimension YC2030:3.40(L)x3.55(W)x1.30(H)m
Equipment Weight YC2030:1500kg
Warranty 1 year exclude the Print head,Ink filter, Ink pump
After-sale Service 24-hour on-line realtime technology service

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