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Polyp Suction Trap

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: Regular Size
Brand Name: UShare
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000|Other

Price Terms: T/T
Packing: pack in sterilized bag
Payment Terms: T/T
Delivery Time: 30 days
Minimum Orders: 500
Supply Ability: 10000
Polyp Suction Trap Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

Simple installation between the endoscope and the suction
Readily Monitored
Effective Polyp Capture
Easy Sample Retrieval

The Multi-chamber POLYP Suction TRAP

This product is designed to install easily between the endoscope and the suction receptacle eliminating the need to retrieve polyps from collected endoscope effluent. 5 chambers collect the polyps as they are retrieved through the endoscope channel, isolating each for identification and pathological analysis.

Why Unique?
Most devices currently used to collect excised tissue during polypectomy are single-chamber units that were not originally designed as polyp traps. This is where the Polyp Suc-Trap is different. This endoscopy tool:
Helps save procedure time by eliminating hand screening and filtering to find the specimen
Holds up to 5 samples in separate, numbered chambers to help reduce contact with patient effluent and permit accurate identification and localization of each polyp. Clear plastic construction allows visual verification of polyp collection.
Can be used as a lab transport device. The unit can be filled with fixative and sealed for easy and safe transport to the pathology lab.
Individual packaging. Single-patient use (disposability) helps reduce biohazard and sample contamination.
Easy in-line installation. In just a few seconds, the trap can be installed between the endoscope and suction
Fine-mesh screen permits it to capture even the smallest polyps
Multi-chamber allows for multi-sample
EO sterilized

Quality Management System
EN ISO 13485
This product is CE certified under EC Directive 93/42.

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