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Place of Origin: fort walton
Model Number: all types
Brand Name: all types

Price Terms: deposit, lc
Packing: bulk bags
Payment Terms: deposit, lc, tt
Delivery Time: 3 to 33 days depending on quality ordered and loca
Minimum Orders: 1 ton
Supply Ability: 60Mt
Motherboards Product Description:

Mainboards, motherboards, computer boards, scrap boards, green boards.

These boards are for reuse or for recovery of minerals, gold, silver and more.

All boards are mixed from computers, laptops, servers, years, processors and more.

These are packing in commercial bulk pallet bags ready for shipping.

Packed in bulk pallet bags are stacked on pallets for easy transportation.

Cpu\'s have been removed, ram and batteries still attached to each board.

Please feel free to contact our resale agent for more information.

Price is price on request and quantity, please contact for more information.

Product Keyword: maniboards, motherboards