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China woven sack custom

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: 001
Brand Name: TH

Price Terms: FOB
Packing: 300
Payment Terms: TT
Delivery Time: 30
Minimum Orders: 5000
Supply Ability: 99999
China woven sack custom Product Description:

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Title: \"well known\" non-woven bags possess the material properties _mqozsl_mqozsl
Content: \"well known\" non-woven bags possess material properties [Original 2014-3-10 17:06:26] Word Count: \"well known\" non-woven bags possess is a non-woven material properties woven fabric, it is the direct use of polymer chips, staple fiber or filament fibers by air or mechanical into the net, then after spunlace, acupuncture, or hot-rolled reinforcement, non-woven fabric formed after the final after finishing. With soft, breathable and advantages of new fiber products planar structure, environmental non-woven bags are made ??using non-woven fabric does not produce lint, tough, durable, silky soft, but also enhance a material, but also cotton qualitative feeling, and cotton fabrics compared to the nonwoven fabric is easy to form the bag, and are cheap. Our Non-woven bag can be customized, you are welcome to sample plans. Making non-woven bags are woven products, environmental non-woven bags colorful, vivid and bright green fashion, versatile, elegant, patterns and styles are diverse, and lightweight, environmentally friendly, recyclable, is the international protection of the Earth\'s ecological and environmental protection products. Non-

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