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good woven bags maker

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: 003
Brand Name: TH

Price Terms: FOB
Packing: 300
Payment Terms: FOB
Delivery Time: 30
Minimum Orders: 10000
Supply Ability: 99999
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Title: \"platitudes\" Routine Maintenance of non-woven bags _mqozsl_mqozsl
Content: When medium and small \"clich?\" Routine Maintenance woven bags many people use non-woven bag: size routine maintenance method \"clich?\" non-woven bags [2014-3-15 14:47:51 Original] , will have such doubts, namely non-woven bags need to be cleaned after use in it? Cleaning will not cause damage to both the bag? In fact, have such doubts is normal. Although it is environmentally friendly bags woven bags, shopping bags and other different, however, if used incorrectly, it will greatly reduce shorten its life. So to properly save the life of bags will be more longevity. Now we have to analyze non-woven bag routine maintenance: 1, put the bag in a dry place nonwovens, avoid sunlight. 2, do not touch contain corrosive substances. 3, use caution when using the hand-rolled, or easily broken, will shorten the life of non-woven bags. 4, in use, the load does not exceed its carrying amount. Non-woven bags are generally negative weight is about 8 pounds. 0 && image.height> 0) {if (image.width> = 700) {this.width = 700; this.height = image.height * 700 / image.width;}} \"alt =\" \"src =\" ctq1688 /upfiles/201383145918.jpg \"width = 305 height = 270 data-mce-src =\" ctq1688 / upfiles / 201383145918.jpg \"> For more information, please visit: woven bag ctq1688 / products-list.asp claid =? 108

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