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roller pulley belt conveyor

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: all kinds
Brand Name: LIBO
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000|ISO 14000/14001|OHASA 18001|Other

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Roller pulley belt conveyor Product Description:

LIBO Heavy Machine Technology Co.,Ltd.(?LIBO? for short) is located at the foot of Mount Tai, as the state-level High-Tech Enterprise with integrated system of Production, Study and Research. We are specialized in the development and manufacture of complete sets and key components for bulk material handling, especially belt conveyors and stacker-reclaimer used in round stockyard. With the registered capital of ?119.6millions, we are one of the largest companies in the bulk materials handling industry, which owns high-level technical equipment and comprehensive strength and offer full service for products.
LIBO has the following five subsidiaries?
LIBO Heavy Machine Technology Co.,Ltd. Ningyang Branch
Chengdu LIBO Transportation Equipment Co.,Ltd.
LIBO International Mechanical&Electrical Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Guizhou LIBO Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Tai?an Endless Mechanical&Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Main products: belt conveyor
long distance belt conveyor
large inlination upward belt conveyor
large inlination downward belt conveyor
overland long distance curved belt conveyor
pipe belt conveyor
High-sealing long-life roller
Brake Device
Hydraulic Soft-Start Device
Hydraulic Take-up System for Belt Conveyor
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High-sealing long-life roller
As one of National Innovation Fund Project, LIBO idlers are of complete sealing waterproof and dustproof design, whose bearing assembly employs high-precision bearing chamber and special bearings for idlers, which provide fine appearance, low noise, free maintenance, long service life(exceeding 50,000 hours) and high reliability. We invented controllable braking idlers, which can solve the problem of controllable brake along the line of large downward belt conveyors.
Technical feather
1.High-accuracy and high frequency welded pipe is selected as the shell, which enjoys less diameter run-out and better balance;
2.Stamping parts are used as bearing housing, which are machined by NC lathe;
3.The bearings are KA serial special bearing for idlers
4.The material used for bearing shafts is high-strength 45#steel, and NC turning and grinding can ensure precision.
5.The sealing is specially designed with abilities of self-compensation, low resistance, waterproof and dustproof, which can keep bearing in good lubricated condition for a long time.
6.Seamless steel pipe is selected as the shell of impact idlers, with thick wall and high strength;
7.The rubber ring of impact idlers is made up of flame retardant rubber.

Pulleys are important components for belt conveyors?In order to meet the requirements of long-distance high-speed large-capacity belt conveyor, LIBO adopts advanced finite element method, good-quality material, optimized technical process and large high-precision machines to produce good-quality and long-life pulleys.
Technical feature
1?Middle and heavy pulleys will be inspected with static analysis and Three-dimension finite element analysis software, which strictly ensure the quality;
2?the material for shell is 16Mn of more superior performance instead of Q235, which ensures shell quality and performance, whose content of S and P ensures welding quality;
3?the material for shaft is forged shaft of 40Cr instead of #45 round steel?which improves mechanical property;
4?the bearing block and taper-lock are ground, which ensure the installation precision;
5?the welding line and shaft are inspected by NDT and the shaft will be tested three times, which can ensure the quality of shaft and welding line;
6?stress annealing will be done after welding with CO2 gas shielded arc-welding machine, which can ensure the quality of welding line;
7?the contact-sealing is adopted, which enjoys more superior dustproof and waterproof;
8?Static balance test will be done for pulleys according to GB10595-2009, which reaches the precision class of G40.

?Low-speed backstop for belt conveyor
NJZ serial Contract Wedge Backstop is a new kind of low-speed backstop used in belt conveyors, which is directly installed on driving drum shaft or low-speed shaft of gears. The precise bearings are used in the product, which ensure high coaxiality, long service life and powerful capacity of avoiding roll-back. In all, it is the best choice for belt conveyors.
Technical feather
?contact-type and wedge structure provides long life time and low noise
?large backstop torque, and good reliability
?small size, and easy to install and maintain
?suit for all kinds of upward belt conveyors
Three. Outstanding projects
1.CNBM China United Cement Taishan Co., Ltd.(successful application of cable-stayed bridge)
The belt conveyor system consists of two belt conveyors, with hydroviscous soft-start devices used in the driving unit.
No.1 belt conveyor?B=1000mm L=2875m V=3.15m/s Q=650t/h P=3?315kw

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