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Customized Black Customiz

Place of Origin: Guangdong
Model Number: FOXEN XD-066
Brand Name: FOXEN
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000

Price Terms: negotiation
Packing: Quantity: 100 piece/carton
Payment Terms: T/T, Wester
Delivery Time: 15 working days after received deposit
Customized Black Customiz Product Description:

Product Description--- Main Products Name Skateboard griptape, Longboard griptape, Customized Skateboard Griptape, Skateboard Sand paper Size Can Cut in Any size &OEM (33x9inch, 40x10inch etc) Typle OS780/80AB/80S Material PU & clear sand Weight 0.1-0.9KGS Graphics&Logo Can Print design on the top & bottom, laser logo is ok too Color Can Be Customized any colors Min. Order 1000 Pieces The sliding skid stick Surface: select black corundum, corundum, alumina particles), silicon carbide, glass sand, quartz sand, non slip rubber fiber, no sand materials and special non slip material: PVC, PP, PET material, aluminum etc.. Bottom adhesive: acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Bottom paper: white paper, kraft paper,. Appearance color: by the user specified, can be printed on all kinds of exquisite color design, trademark and text, size according to user requirements. sliding skid 1, product performance requirements: fit environment, use life and wear resistance; use requirements determine the stick slip must reach performance index. The region, mainly determines the environmental temperature, habits and environmental requirements, please communicate with us to provide customer environment, we for the guests to provide corresponding products. 2, application scope of the slide: (a) PET (the strongest and environmentally friendly), PVC (cheap but convenient printing), PP/PE (environmental protection and convenient printing) - the proposed application in the flat or curved surface of non slip paste; (b) - recommended for aluminum substrate convex irregular surface; (c) - resistance to the fiber substrate, the proposed application of the treadmill or inclined plane conveyor belt. (d) slip bands and luminous fluorescent - suggests for safe passage, the stairs building high-rise building. Of course, the material and thickness of the substrate, the strength and wear resistance of different products. 3, the type and thickness of the glue: this index determines the convenience, environmental protection, safety, etc.. Adhesive tape with good general need for high viscosity, high peeling strength, viscosity, and no residual adhesive, high temperature resistance, good water resistance, weatherability good glue. 4, sand size to mesh measure: there are 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 mesh and, the coarse wear-resistant and anti slip effect better, while planting sand costs higher, sand planting requirements are also higher. 5, sand: water and oil are generally divided into two categories, the water resistance and strength of water resistance and low price, while the oil is good, the strength is high, and the price is expensive. In addition to a single and multi layer rubber. 6, the type and type of paper: the white paper, kraft paper, etc., different from the type of paper, environmental performance is different, the protection of different rubber surface. 7, cutting requirements: the main points are the accuracy and complexity of the cutting, the more complex the more complex, the higher the cost, the higher the cost. 8, packaging requirements: the need for independent packaging, heat shrink packaging, heat seal packaging, size box packaging, blister packaging, packaging and other packaging, the packaging of other factors. 9, the product is environmentally friendly non-toxic products, from raw materials to finished products through the SGS test and the European HRAZ standards, in line with the international conventions.

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