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4xCVBS Encoder CS-10401

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: CS-10401
Brand Name: Chinasuper
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000

Price Terms: TT
Packing: Cartons(Bubble in)
Payment Terms: TT
Delivery Time: 7 Business Days
Minimum Orders: 1set
Supply Ability: 200
4xCVBS Encoder CS-10401 Product Description:

The CS-10401 4 in 1 MPEG-2 Encoder is a professional SD audio & video encoding and multiplexing device. It has 4 channel CVBS video input interfaces, 4 pairs of unbalanced audio input interfaces, supporting MPEG-2 video encoding and MPEG 1 Layer 2 audio encoding. This device can simultaneously encode 4 channel SD audio & video; moreover, it has an ASI input and can multiplex the input TS with the 4 encoded SPTS to generate a MPTS output. In conclusion, its high integrated and cost effective design makes the device widely used in varieties of digital distribution systems such as cable TV digital head-end, satellite digital TV broadcasting etc. Skype: encodermodulator Email: [email protected]

Product Keyword: Digital TV Encoders,CVBS,dvb,IPTV,CATV,MPEG-2