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Fused Cast AZS33

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: 33
Brand Name: Sialon
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000

Price Terms: ton
Payment Terms: lc
Delivery Time: 30days
Minimum Orders: 1ton
Supply Ability: 1000t/mon
Fused Cast AZS33 Product Description:

Fused Cast AZS33

Product Description

Features For Corundum Fire Brick:

1. Raw material is corundum and baddeleyite eutecticum,high compression strength

2.Top high-temperature capablility.

3.Excellent thermal stability.

4.Low thermal conductivity

5.Powerful penetrating-proof capability.

6.Good erosion-resistance.

7.Strong resistant erosion stability to the glass liquid

Process For Corundum Fire Brick :
Made of the zirconite (Industry zirconia ) and industry alumina as the mainly mixed raw material, melting in the electric furnace, casting, annealing, machining, then finished.

Physical and Chemical Indicators For Corundum Fire Brick :

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